Several years ago, our pastor taught us a unique approach for journaling scripture and applying it to our everyday life.  It is called a Life Map.  We want to share it with you through our BLOG.

Here's how it works:

#1  As you read the Bible…choose a verse that seems to be “speaking to you” and write it out.

(FYI –  Tom and I use a “Read Through the Bible”  Reading Plan…but you can choose your scripture any way you like…maybe from a devotional or bible study… wherever you find yourself in the Word.)

#2    M - Message: Write down the main message.

#3   A – Application: Write out how you can apply the message to your everyday life, or to a particular situation you or facing.

#4   P- Prayer:  Write out a prayer thanking God and asking Him to help you walk the path that you have laid out in your Life Map.

It’s as easy as that…but, WOW – the results are profound.

If you will faithfully MAP the Word of God, I guarantee it will help

  • deepen your understanding of scripture,

  • draw you ever-closer to the Lord ,

  • AND – as it says in James 1:22 – you will not only be “hearers of  the Word”…but “doers”.

EXAMPLE:  Here’s my Life Map entry from June 21, 2011…

verse: Luke 18:13(b)    “God have mercy on me a sinner!”

M - Message:  God loves a humble heart and showers his mercy on those who know they need it!  He especially loves it when we finally come to the end of ourselves and see our broken- sinful – condition for what it is.

A – Application: I never want to forget the mercy the Lord has shown me and how far He has brought me since I was lost in my sin.  I stand in utter amazement that God could have still loved me.  Yet He did!!!  He drew me  – through the power of His Holy Spirit – until I finally recognized my plight and cried out…”Father – I need you…have mercy on me a sinner.”   And thankfully, He heard…and answered…my cry for help!!!

P – Prayer:   Thank you Lord!!!   Please, never let me forget where I’ve come from.  And please, don’t ever let me begin exalting myself…or judging others who still don’t know you.   Help me remember your mercy…rejoice in my salvation…and love others as you have loved me.  In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

It's just that simple.

Give the Life Map a try…and post a comment below to let us know what you think.

Stay tuned for more – Tom and I will be sharing our “MAP” entries with you each week.  And PLEASE – we hope you will share your thoughts and insights with us too!