resilience - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship CommunityI started to write a blog post about the seven elements of resilience (the ability to bounce back and steer through the tough stuff of life). But God had a better idea…rather than teaching, I’m just going to tell you a story.

Why a story about resilience? Well, I think it’s because I need the pep talk too. I’ve been feeling a little “battle-weary” these past few days!

Most days, I’m able to stand strong…but every once in a while, I find myself struggling to keep pressing on.

Why the difference?  Well, for me, I think it’s because I lose my focus.

In the midst of too much to do…deadlines to meet…phone calls to make…and wanting to be in three places at once, I forget who I am and why I am here.   And even though I’m called by the Lord to this work of Identity and Destiny…and I know He equips me for this “good work,” I tend to take matters into my own hands, ending up with far too much on my plate.

timeout - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship CommunityIt is in those moments that I have to take a “time out” and get re-centered on the Lord.  I need to stop striving and return to abiding in Him and His strength!   It is not enough to be with Him in my morning devotions.   It has to be moment-by-moment throughout my day.

When I prayerfully get myself refocused, I know once again that I am strong, resilient, blessed and empowered. I know that time after time, God is making it abundantly clear that He is in the midst of the life-altering work of the 7 Steps to Purpose. And then…my resilience kicks in. I am re-energized and refocused!

It is like last night’s call when I got the spiritual boost I needed.   My coaching client told me how our work together is bringing huge insight and breakthrough.   In fact, she said it had actually brought her face-to-face with what she called a “crisis of faith.” And in the midst of that crisis, she began to wonder if she could continue to do the steps and trust God with the results. Could she keep doing her part…and knowing that God would faithfully do His? Could she keep moving forward, or quit in the middle of the process?
fear - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community

What was at the heart of her lack of resilience? FEAR!

She was afraid to keep going–she was afraid of what she might uncover as she answered the question “Who am I?”

In her soul she wondered…Will I be good enough? Will it be painful? Will I like what I see?

She pondered those questions and tentatively persevered.   But as she persevered, she said she simply stayed focused on a few simple words I spoke in our session, “Stay in the positive. Reject the negative.”   Over and over again–as she did her daily assignments, she said these words…and for the first time in her life, she began the process of throwing out the negative labels and limiting beliefs that she carried around for years.

happy - Nehemiah Entrepreneurship CommunityWith gratitude and optimism she is now beginning to see just how beautiful, smart, gifted and chosen she really is!

And then her resilience kicked in. She is re-energized and refocused. So…we have both bounced back…and our work together with the 7 Steps continues.

How about you…did you need this pep talk? Are you struggling to persevere? Do you need to stop striving and start abiding? Is it time to throw off the negative labels and see how beautiful you really are? Are you ready to discover how to bounce back with resilience…and keep going?

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Resilience is just one of the many powerful skills we teach in Identity and Destiny – 7 Steps to a Purpose-filled Life.

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