Life is crazy these days…

the nightly news is filled with chaos and destruction

the volatility of the stock market will give you whip lash

jobs are lost…homes are lost…and it seems there may be no quick end in sight..

And, in the midst of it all, it is not unusual to find that the struggle to stay “up”…encouraged… and hopeful is more than  elusive…

But then sometimes, there are people and things that come into our lives that put it all in perspective. 

I just  saw a You Tube video of this guy (Nick V)  “No Arms – No Legs – No Worries”) …

Here’s the clip…his message…”Being thankful – regardless of our circumstances!!”

Nick’s message is in perfect alignment with the message of Identity and Destiny!

It is all about what you believe.  WAIT – WAIT!!!  Don’t tune me out…

Here’s what we know God wants you to believe:

  • I am created by God – He formed me with his hands and loves me with all of his heart.
  • I am uniquely “ME”.  There is no one who will ever duplicate or replace me.
  • I am God’s handiwork. He wants me to love being “ME” – just the way He made me!
  • I am created for a purpose, AND called to live a life of joy, power and freedom!
  • I am uniquely designed and gifted to begin living my purpose-filled life – right now.

And when you believe this – I mean truly believe – it has the power to change absolutely everything!

Combine these God-inspired “power beliefs” with a deep  awareness of the gifts, skills, talents and purpose that you bring into this world…you can be anywhere…doing anything… and life just simply won’t…cant…ever be the same for you.

It is like putting on a whole new set of lenses through which you view everything you do…every person you connect with…every choice you make…every situation you face.

It is not magic…but it is magical.  It is knowing who you are…why you are here…and living life from a brand new place of “power beliefs” and your God-given purpose.  

 Blessings to all of you!