As of recently, we have decided to shift our customer relationship management and upgrade our operating procedures to a more productive technology platform. The hope is that this change will allow us to develop and better our customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

This transition is scheduled for the 2-4 April and will require the shutdown of our websites. In hopes that this switch can be performed as seamlessly as possible, we would like to warn you about some of the implications that may follow the shutdown.

  1. Membership Site – If you are currently enrolled in any of our classes, please retrieve your class materials since the site may not be accessible over that weekend.
  2. Online Store – Our online store may be closed for the duration of the shutdown
  3. Class Registration – It is likely that class and event registration will be affected so please plan accordingly

With this, thank you so much for your kind understanding as we are thrilled to make this transition and become more effective and efficient from an operational standpoint.

Special thanks to the Murdock Charitable Trust and those of you who made financial contributions toward this enhancement of our technology. We also thank our tech team for all of their hard work. We are excited about serving you more efficiently and increasing our impact around the globe.