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We all have a story but most of us die with it in our hearts. Some of us have the courage to write our stories but very few of us are able to do it in a compelling way. Entrepreneur, best selling author and publishing success coach Joan Randall has not only successfully written and published her own story, she has helped hundreds do the same and she wants to help you. Let Joan Randall provide you with a simple yet captivating way to get your story writing for impact.
In the Power of the Pen You Will Learn!
How to build the framework for your message with the 4 P’s

1. PLAN; How to structure your story or message with a plan
2. PARTNER; How to successfully leverage experts in the writing and publishing space to gain knowledge
3. PROMOTE; How to effectively communicate your message to the end-user
4. PRESENCE; How to successfully attract visibility as you pen your story

Discussion Topics

– The VYP writing template: 4 steps to deliver a compelling story or message
– Scheduling your writing time
– Planning your R. O. I

Who is this training for?

– Aspiring authors who have a desire to share a story or message but don’t know how
– The individual that is uncertain if their story is worth sharing
– Someone who has had a book in their heart for years but has procrastinated on getting it done because it seems too daunting
– The entrepreneur who is yet to author a book but knows the importance of writing to gain credibility
– The individual who has a story, message, expertise, or experience but don’t have the time to write it

Join us on Saturday, 25 September 2021 from 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM EAT at Movenpick Hotel & Residences, Mkungu Close, Westlands- Nairobic.

Register and make payment to save your seat:-
Individual Cost:- Kshs 5000 per person

Payment Detail (Advance Payment Only)
M-Pesa Paybill No: 880100
Account Number: 8174560019

For more details, please contact +254 797 924434 or email rachel@nehemiahproject.org

Speaker: Joan T. Randall

joantrandall round - Nehemiah E-Community

Joan t randall is an International Speaker, Award-Winning Multi Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, and Independent Publisher. She is an Evolution Engineer who helps spiritual thought leaders and individuals of faith write and publish their stories, message, or expertise, so they can monetize their impact, build a business, and create legacies. Affectionately known as the Author’s midwife Joan has helped over 375 authors achieve best-selling status.

Joan founded The Intensive Academy, an online platform that facilitates the unique model of taking Books 2 Business & Beyond; Helping authors use their books as leverage for multi-income and business growth. Joan has been featured in media locally, nationally, and internationally. Her awards and accolades include but are not limited to; Outstanding Community Leadership, Philanthropy, Entrepreneurship, Literary, Women’s Leadership, and Advocacy, as seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. She currently resides in NC with her husband, Bill.

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