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The E-Learning Forum is a monthly educational webinar featuring guest experts and Kingdom-class business education to enhance your life and business from a Kingdom perspective. The Forum is held every second Tuesday of the month, from 6am – 7am Pacific time.

This month’s E-Learning Forum will feature Debra Schlaht, who will share various strategies on how to develop effective employee engagement drawing from her 22-year long career in banking, training and development and project management. Debra is the Director of International Programs for Nehemiah Project. She is responsible for supporting the international network of partners and teachers, as well as leading the growth of new relationships to achieve NPIM’s strategic goals. Debra is also a founding partner and coach for Kingdom Business Coaching, International. As the International Program Director, she works with international affiliates and coaches to build and support kingdom businesses globally. Prior to joining Nehemiah Project in 2010, Debra ran her own coaching and consultant practice in 2007.

In recent years, employee engagement has become the top issue on the minds of business leaders. All businesses large or small have come to recognize the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent. Having the right people on-board and in the right seats, can make the difference between success and failure. So what are the key elements of an effective employee engagement? Here’s a clue, money isn’t one of it. While a good remuneration package goes a long way to keep an employee engaged, it doesn’t do everything. In fact, studies have recently revealed that the key strategy for developing an effective employee engagement has everything to do with a sense of belonging.

As Kingdom Business owners, we have an advantage because we are uniquely equipped by the Lord to build employee engagements in powerful and sustainable ways. We understand our true mission and what it means to be called to use the varied gifts that God has given us to work towards a greater purpose. But most importantly, we have what it takes to foster genuine relationships, a key component that can create an environment where employees can be their best selves every single day.

Join us for this month’s E-Learning Forum and find out the best strategies on how to keep your employees engaged. The more engaged your employees are, the more productive and motivated they become, and you get something money just can’t buy – a happy workplace.

- Nehemiah E-Community

Date: September 11th, 2018
Time: 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM Pacific time
Speaker: Debra Schlaht
topic: Employee engagement

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