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Free E-Community Seminar

If you are currently stuck in a rut or want to accelerate your growth, this seminar is for you. Business success begins with adhering to certain business principles and those who are successful have not only mastered these principles, but live them in all aspects of their lives. The Bible is full of economic principles which, if followed, not only produce temporal success, but eternal success as well. In this seminar you will discover gems from very familiar scriptures, when experienced, produce success in any market condition and in any economy. Discover the power of God's word and the transformational impact its wisdom can have in your life and business. In this seminar, you will:

• Discover the assets the Lord has given you and how to use them to profit.
• Understand the value and impact of profit
• Identify and learn the elements that prevent success and how to overcome them

Former: Pasteurizer Jeff Kalombo


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jeff kalombo - Nehemiah E-Community

JEFF KALOMBO Mubenga is a coordinator and teacher pastor at Open Door Church Ministries. He is also an associate pastor at the New Jerusalem Baptist Haitian Church located in Seattle, Washington. Jeff grew up with a sense of personal ministry that reflected his growing love for Christ at a young age and his call to preach the ministry. 

Jeff and his wife, Nene Ngoma, have been married since 2004 and from their heavenly union five manifestations of love were born: 3 sons and 2 daughters. Jeff completed his degree in biology, chemistry, and computer training with a degree in practical theology. He received extensive training in biblical entrepreneurship and became a certified trainer. Jeff is committed to excellence in Bible study, preaching, teaching, and living in the image of Christ. He has a passion for ministering through demographics by developing personal relationships with a focus on helping each individual develop a personal relationship and commitment to Christ.

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