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Are you going through a difficult crisis in your business, career or life that makes you question your cause for existence? Do you have a feeling that you have a greater purpose in life, but you just haven’t found the right path?

Crises of all kinds move us out of our comfort zones and cause us to ask big questions about what is important, what is worth doing and even what is the purpose of one’s life. God does have a plan for you no matter your circumstances. He redeems and uses all parts of our lives for his purposes. He wants you to live your life to the fullest! All you have to do is believe that you have a purpose and take that first step to make a change.

That’s why we have created an upcoming webinar that will help answer some of these questions and perhaps set you on an exciting journey of discovering and operating in your God-given sweet spot even in the midst of a crisis.

Instructor: Lorna Mutegi


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LORNA MUTEGI has always thought of herself as a fun-loving person with the desire to inspire people in one way or another. With a degree in International Relations and having minored in Marketing, she flourished in the corporate world for over ten years, holding managerial positions in the different sectors of the transport & courier industry, PR & media, and events industry.

Her entrepreneurial spirit, however, came alive after going through a long wilderness period. Lorna’s journey into the heart of God reminded her who she was born to be. Taking part in the Identity & Destiny program was the game changer! Her purpose was clear and has never looked back. She is now a biblical entrepreneur with a heart for the youth and women.

She is a certified trainer with the Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Nairobi Kenya where she passionately transforms ordinary entrepreneurs into biblical entrepreneurs. She also guides individuals seeking to find their true identity and God-given purpose (Identity & Destiny Course).

Lorna currently lives in Nairobi with her two beautiful daughters, Alyssa and Sienna.

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