Women Entrepreneurs in Southern Africa

Women Entrepreneurs in Southern Africa

Women Entrepreneurs in Southern Africa

Women entrepreneurs in South Africa are the backbone of any business. Entrepreneurship is about taking risks and women entrepreneurs have more courage and commitment than others to start a business. When women stand together as a group, they are bound for success.

Ms. Linda Chikerema the founder of Ignite Africa says that she believes in building women and her main aim is to build a movement of women in Africa especially in regions that they are in. For Linda, she felt that there is a gap that needed to be filled despite everyone moving to digital platforms. She wanted to create something that could be read anywhere by anyone thus creating the magazine.

Having stayed out of Zimbabwe for a long time, she believes it is important to go back to your home countries and implement all that knowledge gained from abroad and she urges people to try it. Doing business as per biblical principles may be hard but she believes that it can happen despite it being new in the region. The aim is to amplify the voice of God, while at it change lives and help people earn a living.

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