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Why Sustainable Church

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When we are defining a sustainable church we talk about different steps in building a spiritually vibrant church that is financially viable with a successful congregation committed to impacting culture until Jesus returns.

Many churches are undergoing quite a number of challenges because they have not built a thriving community that embraces one another for growth, support and market place revelation. There have been a huge gap in our churches today in a way that most pastors do not realize that market revelation and realization is something that can actually build their interactions with one another.

Generations come and go, but the church would always remain to be same. If you want to be unique and stay for the longest time without being affected by economic, social or political tribulations you must build a culture of commitment amongst your audience.

When a church has an established culture over years, gaining unbreakable reputation is premium for the longest time. A sustainable church should be holistic in all dimensions, and this is important not only for the church but also in representation of the body of Christ.

At times the society demands the presence of the church in addressing some critical issues that affect them. It is for this reason that, most advanced societies would want to associate themselves with established church that are well known for sustainability in difficult situations.

Different groups of people would want to be associated with a church that builds their faith, impacts in almost all the factors surrounding them. The expansion of churches globally has caused the atmosphere to have a very difficult appeal to the society, the rise of splinter groups within the subsets of the church is alarming.

When you are a pastor and the goal is to oversee a church that stays for long and accommodates the entire society without bias, you need to emphasize on building the foundation under Christ. Some few people will always be there to destroy an established foundation in the society but under Christ, everything is deemed secure for future.

A sustainable church will always be a bride to Christ and society’s hope at all times.

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