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The Gift of Business

Victorious You Press began with a purpose. A purpose to help people deliver their stories.

Joan T. Randall the founder of Victorious You Press says that the publishing company helps faith based leaders and spiritual thought leaders write and publish their best-selling book so they monetize their impact build a business and create legacies.

Joan has recently partnered with the Nehemiah Project to minister a new course for writers called The Power of the Pen. At the moment, Joan is working with Chief Servant of the Nehemiah Project, Patrice Tsague on a book that he had previously published in 2009. This as we might call it is the true test of what can be expected of Victorious You Press as a new partner.

The book, Nothing But a Jar of Oil was previously published but together Victorious You Press and Patrice are working on a second edition to make it a best seller. According to Joan, the process of republishing a book starts with looking at previous reviews and carefully mapping out what can be done differently.

As an Author and Founder of Victorious You Press, Joan brings a fresh and innate enthusiastic outlook on writing and publishing that is contagious as she understands the power and impact of the pen as she coaches people to learn how to use their own words to create change. Over the years Joan has helped over 400 people publish their books.

Victorious You Press is driven by five core values that can be emulated. That is : “It is live. It is learn. It is love. It is lead. It is legacy.”

This means living each day in accordance to how God wants us to live, with impact. Learning because we’re always students of our business. Loving because we build relationships with our clients. Leading because we give our clients skills and lastly is leading a legacy because everything that God has placed inside of us it is not just for us it is to impact those we come in contact with because of the great commission.

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