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The Upcoming Iron Sharpening Iron Conference

Iron Sharpening Iron Conference

In this episode, Patrice Tsague sat down with two dynamic women from Texas, Trudy Hankins, E-Community Center Director for Dallasand Zondra Evans, owner, and CEO of Zondra TV. They discussed the upcoming Iron Sharpening Iron Conference, an event aimed at equipping, inspiring, and connecting entrepreneurs looking to build kingdom businesses globally.

The conference, scheduled for April 14th from 10 am to 2 pm in Plano, Texas, promises to be an exceptional experience for entrepreneurs. For only $40, attendees can expect lunch, numerous networking opportunities, and presentations from Patrice, Trudy, and Zondra.

Trudy is excited about the event, describing it as a chance for entrepreneurs to genuinely engage in the iron sharpening iron principle, pushing each other to new levels of success. With dynamic speakers like Patrice and Zondra, attendees can be assured of leaving inspired and informed.

Who is Zondra?

Zondra is the founder and CEO of Zondra TV, and is passionate about advocating for small business entrepreneurs. After spending 40 years in corporate America, she decided it was time to serve the world and create a legacy for herself. Recognizing that small businesses often get left behind, Zondra wanted to provide a platform where they could share their stories and experiences.

In contrast to the typical five minutes of exposure that small entrepreneurs might receive on a popular morning show, Zondra decided to give them 30 minutes on her platform to share their journey. She believes that these stories can inspire and encourage others to prevail in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

To further support small business entrepreneurs, Zondra also built an academy as part of her network. Through the academy, she helps entrepreneurs become TV producers and streams their content across various platforms, creating additional monetization strategies and revenue streams for them. This approach provides entrepreneurs with the exposure they need to thrive, as well as practical skills and resources to help them grow their businesses successfully.

What is the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference about?

The Iron Sharpening Iron Conference promises to be a transformative experience for entrepreneurs looking to build kingdom businesses. With insightful talks, meaningful connections, and practical advice from seasoned professionals like Trudy and Zondra, attendees can expect to leave inspired and equipped to take their businesses to the next level.

Trudy also shared the vision and purpose behind the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference. As the Dallas E-Community Center opened in September and serves entrepreneurs across the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metroplex, Trudy wanted to find a way to connect people from such a vast area. She ultimately decided on hosting Zoom calls on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month and holding in-person meetings quarterly.

The upcoming conference serves as the first in-person meeting, providing entrepreneurs with an opportunity to refresh, renew, and reset their mindset. By attending the conference and staying connected through the bi-monthly Zoom calls, entrepreneurs can build a strong community and reinforce the idea that they are not walking alone in their journey.

The Dallas E-Community Center caters to entrepreneurs at various stages of the business lifecycle, from discovery to succession. Whether they are just starting out, breaking even, or looking to scale, the center aims to help businesses become sustainable and successful. By attending the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference and participating in the wider community, entrepreneurs from all walks of life can find valuable support, resources, and connections to help them thrive.

The Iron Sharpening Iron Conference Objectives

In addition to the support and resources already discussed, the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference will also address three key pain points that entrepreneurs often face:

Exit strategy concerns: 

Many entrepreneurs work hard to make a profit but struggle with planning for an eventual exit from their business. The conference will address this pain point by offering insights and ideas on passive income streams and strategies to ensure a successful exit.

Marketing challenges:

 Entrepreneurs often feel lost when it comes to marketing their businesses and need guidance on boosting their efforts. Zondra will be providing valuable information and support in this area, helping attendees improve their marketing strategies and outcomes.

Identity and self-worth: 

A common issue for entrepreneurs is not fully understanding their true potential and purpose, leading to feelings of inadequacy and the pressure to imitate others. The conference will tackle this pain point by helping attendees recognize their unique strengths and talents and embrace their individual paths to success.

What Will I Gain from Attending the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference?

According to Zondra, attendees will walk away with alternative, cost-effective strategies to market their businesses and create a digital strategy tailored to their needs. There will be a visual demonstration of Zondra TV’s studio, highlighting its growth and evolution. Participants will also gain insights into the importance of having a strategic plan and exit strategy for their businesses.

According to Trudy, one of the most significant takeaways from the conference is the introduction of a communication tool that can help improve relationships both in business and personal life, such as marriages. This tool will aid in addressing communication conflicts within the workplace, between staff members, and even in personal relationships. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and learn how to effectively communicate with others.

By attending the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference, participants will not only learn from the experiences of successful entrepreneurs like Zondra and Trudy but also gain valuable tools and strategies to help their businesses thrive.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and network with like-minded entrepreneurs at the Iron Sharpening Iron Conference. Click here to register:

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