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The Couples in Business Lifegroup

Couples in business

On this episode, Patrice hosts members of the Couples in Business Life Group. Gina Tsague, Tony & Ana Maria Lowry, David & Zipporah Kamuiru, and Lonny & Sherri Hutchison to talk about finding the perfect balance between work and home life while running a business as a married couple.

Gina Tsague is the wife of Patrice Tsague and Co-founder of the Nehemiah Project International Ministries. Ana Maria and Tony Lowry, the dynamic duo behind A&P International in Orlando, FL, have been running their business for over 30 years. Ana Maria is also the Regional Director of the North America Nehemiah Project.

David and Zipporah Kamuiru, originally from Nairobi, Kenya, live in Flushing, MI, and are Biblical Entrepreneurs and passive income coaches. Additionally, Zipporah serves as a Podcast Producer with The Nehemiah Project. Lonny and Sherri Hutchison round out this extraordinary team of couples in business.  Sherri and Lonny live in Portland, OR and are now in the season of life where they are specializing in helping others achieve that which they have achieved – financial freedom through passive income strategies.

Started and moderated by Patrice and Gina Tsague, The Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community Couples in Business Life Group is a monthly small group of entrepreneurial couples who desire to enhance their intimacy with the Lord while enhancing their marriage and business.

The group has been meeting once a month since June 2019 for mutual accountability, encouragement, and various discussions. In addition to meeting monthly, the couples have an in-person retreat once a year. Here the Life Group members have the privilege of residing together for a few days enjoying shared activities including cooking meals, playing games, taking walks, and learning together. 

In this podcast, the four couples begin to share the benefits and challenges of life as partners in both marriage and business. They discuss their experiences in the Life Group and, and the benefits of being part of this community. This episode is only a preview of the coming February 8, 2023 Couples in Business Forum where we shall dig deeper into the joys and difficulties, benefits and heartaches of doing business together as a married couple. 

Are you a married couple working together in a Kingdom business? Do you struggle with finding a balance between your varying roles as spouse and business partner? Do you long to experience greater intimacy in your marriage while still running a successful business? No matter what training your business is in, we believe you can enjoy both, and at the Couples in Business Forum on February 8, 2023, you will learn how. 

Featuring guest speakers, Jason and Tori Benham, authors of Beauty in Marriage: Winning in Battle by Waging a War, The Couples in Business Forum will provide insights on how to protect your marriage while building a successful business. You will take away keys to building a thriving marriage as an entrepreneur, and learn how other entrepreneur couples just like you have minimized the risk their business presents to the marriage to find their sweet spot. 

Join the Life Group members from this podcast in a panel discussion on the Forum where they will delve into the challenges of being married and running a business, as well as the lessons they have learned along the way that are helping them thrive in both. Please register here and let’s together discover the beauty of the two becoming one in marriage and in business. 

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