Taking Dominance In The Restaurant Industry in Kenya

Taking Dominance In The Restaurant Industry in Kenya

Taking Dominance

Taking Dominance is important especially when it comes to running a business or even building it. It involves knowing your craft and knowing what to do at what point.

Mr. John Thiongo, a fierce entrepreneur, shares that one requires the spirit of a lion when it comes to building. He adds that for him he understood this and that is why somewhere along the way, he brought in people to help him because he was having a tough start.

Running a business requires a combined effort and Mr. Thiongo says that for him the effort he knew would come through was that from his wife. This is because they had a common ground and the business was an extension of their ministry.

Times have been tough and it is even tougher for them in the hospitality industry but then through it, all this pandemic hasn’t put him down instead he got motivated from everything that is happening. It has been a season of learning and relearning and deep down he believes that everything that is happening to their business will impact it positively.

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