Taking Dominance in the Financial Service Industry

Taking Dominance in the Financial Service Industry

Taking Dominance

Taking dominance in the financial industry wasn’t the plan in the beginning. It is something that developed as a result of me doing what I loved.

Mr. David Witter, CEO, and founder of Financial Harvest Wealth Advisors says that before venturing into finance, he was an engineer by profession and on a daily basis he would do designs for various projects. He adds that the problem was that he didn’t really see the results of what he was doing and there was a feeling deep within him to do something in line with God’s purpose for him.

Having grown with his mother and seeing her fear making financial decisions, he decided to study finance to be able to help his mother, and just like that he realized he enjoyed doing it. Years later he shares that he has learned lessons along the way but most importantly known that it is important to stand by your company values when dealing with clients.

The truth is sometimes clients will want you to do things their way which sometimes goes against your values. Let them know you can’t do it even though it is the hardest thing to do. Mr. Witter says that it is important to protect your employees being it from clients or them worrying about their next paycheck. When they are completely covered then you are sure of them doing their best when it comes to delivery.

When it comes to taking dominance in the financial industry you have to fully understand what you doing because, at the end of the day, your convictions become your clients’ confidence.

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