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Sustainable Passive Income with Lonny and Sherri Hutchison

The Gift of Business

Lonny and Sherri Hutchison are childhood sweethearts who grew up together, fell in love, got married, had children, built a business, and now enjoy the freedom of living on their sustainable passive income. Lonny and Sherri join Patrice in this podcast to discuss their spell-binding journey to financial freedom, and it is one that you will not want to miss.

From the humble beginnings of graduating high school into a blue-collar job, Lonny shares how he realized he had nothing to lose by being the owner of the business he worked in. He started taking contracts and slowly built clients to the point where he employed a dozen people. Sherri worked the business systems side while he grew the technical side till the business hit the ceiling and they needed to pivot to remain sustainable. 

The couple made a few mistakes along the way, and God, in His providence, brought them to Nehemiah Project International Ministries, where they started coaching with Patrice Tsague. After some very difficult choices to the point of giving up their business, the Lord opened doors that have ushered the Hutchinsons to the position today where they are the catalysts of Nehemiah Project’s new initiative on sustainable passive income! Lonny points out complete surrender to the Lord and submission to Godly coaching as the reasons why they are where they are today. You’ll be glad you listened to this podcast.

Experience Lonny and Sherri live on Thursday, September 29, 2022, at the Passive Income Global Forum. Passionate about impacting the Nehemiah community with training and coaching on the principles of financial freedom, Lonny and Sherri will share their personal testimony and insights on building sustainable passive income and achieving true financial freedom.

The Passive Income Global Forum is FREE for all paying EC Members and $25 for Bronze and Non-members and will feature The Benham Brothers: David & Jasonand lee escobar.

Be sure to register here for the Thursday, September 29, 2022, Passive Income Global Forum.

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