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Storytelling for Change

The Gift of Business

Storytelling is a powerful tool when it comes to building a reputable brand using a successful model to tell the business stories.

Mr. Yamil Rosales. Founder of Sound City Academy, says that spending more time on what we are good at helps us maximize our potential. He goes on to say that it is not always about the money but being a good steward in what we are called by God to do.

Most people associate digital marketing with social media, but it is actually a set of principles and tools that assist business owners develop relationships with their customers. The most effective tool is storytelling. Entrepreneurs may use storytelling to build relationships with potential customers and provide them a real-life experience.

Digital marketing is a technique for a firm to demonstrate what it has to offer in terms of solving market challenges. It assists entrepreneurs in transforming their businesses and although the market is swamped with marketing materials, choosing to conduct interactions with customers through storytelling to give value to what they desire makes a difference.

Knowing our purpose is the first step in any endeavor. And purpose is about accepting yourself as you are and attempting to improve yourself and make a difference where you are. In this situation, storytelling is being utilized to mold lives and persuade others to become better people. Entrepreneurs can use storytelling to communicate the impact their enterprises have on the market.

Even as we consider storytelling as a change agent in our businesses, we must first define our purpose and match it with our business objectives.

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