Risk Worth Taking | Thriving in Uncertainty

Risk Worth Taking | Thriving in Uncertainty

Risk Worth Taking

Nehemiah Week is an eventful week designed to equip, inspire and help entrepreneurs come together to reflect on how God is impacting their businesses with this year’s theme being THRIVE THROUGH CRISIS. On the first day of Nehemiah Week, a deep and personal worship session by Pastor Mamie Lumande kick-started the day followed by a devotion led by Pastor Anthony Moore who held an insightful and highly relatable talk about “The Fear of Failure”.

Another exciting part of this day was an interesting virtual tour to some Kingdom Business Centers some of which have faced crises before and learned to thrive through it all. In this session, we learned quite a lot from the Kingdom Entrepreneurs who shared their journey from the conception of their business ideas to the birth of their businesses and how they have been able to implement de-risking methodology within their strategic planning. Understanding the intentionality of a business enables one to identify with their purpose and helps one bring the gospel of Christ through the marketplace. This way, one will be able to bring more people to Christ.

To be able to navigate through a crisis and overcome it, one needs a Global Positioning System (G.P.S) comprising of relationships, mindset, tools, and resources. No matter where one is or the type of crisis they are facing, having the right relationships with God and man they can and will be able to flourish through it. To sum up, we had a Kingdom Entrepreneur, Ivan Papish narrated about the impact of the Nehemiah Project in Eastern Europe.

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