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Revitalizing Kingdom Business in Bulgaria

The Gift of Business

The process of revitalizing Kingdom Business in Bulgaria began with a promise from Jesus, who came to restore what had been lost.

Arman and Petya Lalane, Directors of the Bulgarian E-Community Center, begin by stating that their mission is to develop leaders in all aspects of society, not just the church.

Every believer has a divine purpose and destiny, and every believer is called to make an impact in society within their sphere of influence. Because we are the living testimony of Christ, we are called as believers to influence society with who we are.

One of the areas we are called to influence is business. When we are equipped to carry the gospel into the business world as Christian entrepreneurs, we influence non-believers to salvation, resulting in the transformation of families and societies at large.

Many kingdom businesses have been shaken as a result of the challenges Bulgaria is facing, such as the pandemic, corruption, brain drain, and a lack of opportunities within the country, and it has taken a journey of faith to revitalize them.

To address the challenges, more Christians must build more kingdom businesses as Christian entrepreneurs. This will result in the retention of talent within the country as well as an increase in value ethics in accordance with best practices.

The Nehemiah Project has been assisting kingdom entrepreneurs by providing courses, trainings, and resources on how to be better stewards of their businesses and how to combine ministry and business to start or expand their businesses.

Revitalizing Kingdom Businesses may take a lot of time, courage, and faith, but it doesn’t matter if you have to go it alone in order to make that much needed impact. When you are in God’s will and in the right place, God can make you prosper regardless of where you are, and when you prosper, others will prosper through you.

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