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Religious Freedom in the Marketplace

Religious Freedom

Are you a Christian business owner struggling to exercise your religious freedom? Do you feel alone and unsure of how to navigate the tension between violating your conscience and religious expression and violating a governmental mandate? As Christians, we are called to have compassion, love our neighbor, and love those around us who may not live or believe like we do, but what do you do when you become the target of today’s Cancel Culture? Have you wondered, “What now? What next?” and uncertain where to turn to?

On this podcast, Patrice Tsague Introduces Shannon Royce, President of the Christian Employers Alliance (CEA) and guest panelist on the January 25, 2023 Nehemiah E-Community Global Forum on Religious Freedom in the Marketplace: How to be Salt and Light in a Hostile Environment. The CEA is an association of Christian-owned businesses whose mission is to unite, equip and represent Christian-owned businesses and to protect religious freedom in the marketplace.

On the podcast, Shannon and Patrice explore the birth of the CEA out of Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit against a mandate of the US Government that violated the company owners’ ability to live out their Christian convictions and faith in the conduct of their business. In addition, they discuss how the CEA works to help Christian-owned businesses defend their right to exercise their constitutional religious freedoms and how they advocate for Christian-owned businesses to operate without fear of retribution or discrimination amidst Cancel Culture.

The Christian Employers Alliance is an easily accessible, affordable membership organization. It exists to provide education and solutions to help Christian businesses navigate marketplace challenges. It exposes Christian businesses to key congressional leaders and experts and creates opportunities for Christian businesses to have personal connections and support.

In addition, the CEA provides advocacy and legal representation for Christian businesses in contesting legislative mandates that infringe on religious freedoms. Their third annual conference, which brings together each of CEA’s objectives, will take place at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, on September 28-29, 2023. Details will be available on their website.

A member of the CEA, the Nehemiah Project International Ministries has partnered with the CEA for the January 25th Global Forum on Religious Freedom. Bringing together public and private sector leaders, the Forum will discuss religious freedom and reassure and bolster every marketplace Christian brother and sister.

If you’re looking for answers on how to live out your faith in the current environment that is increasingly hostile to Christian businesses, employers and employees, please register here to join us at the Global Forum on Religious Freedom on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, at 10 am-12 pm Eastern Standard Time (7-9 am PDT).

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