Outdoor Playground Club "Bobcho

Outdoor Playground Club “Bobcho”-Nehemiah Week Business Plan Competition

Outdoor Playground Club "Bobcho"

The International Business Plan Competitions, which are part of the Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE) Program, bring together various BE Students chosen to represent their countries and regions. During Nehemiah Week, each student gives a ten-minute summary plan presentation at the annual International BE Business Plan Competition.

Mrs. Denitsa Yeroteeva, the founder of Bobcho Playgroup Club, won the regional competition, as well as the people’s choice and judges’ choice awards in Europe. She begins by emphasizing that faith in God for all of our plans will ensure that we attain our objectives.

Bobcho is an outdoor playgroup club that strives to provide children and their parents with new outdoor experiences. It provides youngsters with outdoor activities, as well as a resting area for the moms of the children and refreshments. For families, this package creates a new outdoor experience.

Bobcho Club’s major purpose is to bring together people from various families to form a community. Joining the Bobcho Club comes with a slew of perks, including discounts and access to a variety of educational resources. Parents can also meet and interact with one another. Children aged 0 to 9 years are welcome to attend the club, which is open all day.

The facility’s objective is to have a positive impact on its community by offering exceptional service to local families, particularly those with special needs. Because of the pandemic, the playground should ideally be situated outside to protect members from contracting and spreading the Corona Virus.

It is said that a child’s well-being is linked to the mothers’ well-being. Bobcho Club serves the purpose of assisting busy parents or single moms in caring for their children while they attend to other responsibilities. All this is done in the spirit of being a Kingdom Business, whose aim is to make a positive influence on the community.

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