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North America Regional Business Plan Competition Winner

Africa Regional Business Plan Competition Winner

Mrs. Ana Maria LowryCEO of A & P International, and Regional Director of the North America Nehemiah Project joins Patrice in today’s podcast to discuss Nehemiah Week 2022 (August 15-20) and North America Region Business Plan Competition winner, Jason Centeno. 

As the Regional Director of the North America Nehemiah Project, comprising Canada, the USA, and Haiti, Ana Maria will be presenting Jason Centero during the International Business Plan Competition held on August 19 at Nehemiah Week. 

Nehemiah Week (August 15-20, 2022) is all about promoting entrepreneurship through training and coaching and celebrating entrepreneurs from around the world in the International Business Plan Competition (BPC). The BPC is a ministry of economic change that provides entrepreneurs with access to mentorship, resources, and training to start and grow their businesses. To qualify for the BPC, participants must take a Business Entrepreneur Certification course designed to equip business owners in developing and navigating the principles, practicalities, and planning of a business. Upon course completion, they compete in inter-class competitions, and the winner of which moves on to center competitions, followed by country and regional competitions. The final stop is the international competition, where this year, Jason Centeno will represent the North American region. 

Mr. Centeno is the founder of Trashmitter, an innovative waste management company that allows individuals to conveniently recycle their waste products. This Go-Green initiative is not only facilitated by the latest innovative technology which allows scheduled trash pick up and tracking of waste processing and recycling, but it also empowers users to financially profit from trash and waste removal. Trashmitter’s goal is to “…incentivize users and challenge them to become Earth’s Ultimate Stewards.”

On August 19 Jason will face off against three other regional competitors: Jennifer from Europe, Jino and Joy from Asiaand Dominic from Africa. The winner will take home $10,000. The second-place finisher will receive $5,000, and the third-place prize is $3,000. A People’s Choice Award comes with an extra $1,000 and is decided by popular vote. The International Business Plan Competition is one of the FREE events of Nehemiah Week and the more people who Sign up and vote for Jason, the better his chances of winning. The 2022 International Business Plan Competition promises to be an exciting and close-fought battle.

Interested in all of Nehemiah Week 2022? Get an additional 50% off the already discounted registration fee for the entire week using this link. This year’s theme, Operational Excellence, will explore streamlining life and business operations for maximum efficiency,  productivity, and Kingdom Impact in the midst of global uncertainty. The inspiring speaker line-up includes renowned entrepreneurs and business leaders Anne Beiler, author and founder of Auntie Anne’s® pretzel company, and David Benham, former professional baseball player, nationally acclaimed entrepreneur, best-selling author, and Co-Founder of Expert Ownership.

Help Jason Centeno, the North America Regional representative to the Business Plan Competition, win by registering for Nehemiah Week now and voting on August 19th!

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