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Job Creation In Kenya

Job Creation

The job creation rate in Kenya with BE is growing so fast and many entrepreneurs are coming up and seeing what they can build is such a blessing.

Mr. Kitonga, currently the Country Director in Kenya, shares that every day is an education day and he doesn’t dwell so much on current wins or failures. He is one man who has been giving his best and country the competitor who won the business plan competition came from Kenya and he gives all thanks to God and to the amazing team that he works together with.

Frank says that failure is usually a learning point and that when you fail, do not let it go to your head. Instead, pick up the lessons and use them as a learning point.

There is so much potential in Kenya and I do believe that the work we are doing down here is going to put Kenya out there and hopefully even open doors for Africa because that is the goal. Frank believes that Africa is capable of doing awesome things and he believes that Africa as a whole needs to be bold and do everything like they only have today because God has already given them grace.

Kenya is looking at launching programs in this second half of the year one of them being Women In Business in Kenya. This is huge and considering that most winners have been women, this will be a great forum for them and the women in the country.

Great things will happen all we have to do is to keep working on everything we do but most importantly trust God.

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