International Business Plan Competition Winner

International Business Plan Competition Winner | Nehemiah week 2021

International Business Plan Competition Winner

It is said that beginnings are the hardest part of growth.

For the first time ever, Kenya has won the business plan competition two times in a row with Rina Hicks winning the International Business Plan Competition. Although Kenya now holds three winners, this is the first back-to-back victory for the team.  Rina Hicks, Operations Director of Faida Investment Bank and 2021 Business Plan Winner tells us her career journey and the impact of being a Biblical Entrepreneur student in the course of winning the competition.

Although sometimes we want to explore our full potential, we tend to hold back to explore and see other people’s strengths before we can really see how good we are. This however does not mean we cannot achieve our goals. The realization of our dreams comes when we truly and fully know our identity and purpose. When we know our identity and know our purpose, we realize our full potential with clarity and without conflict.

As leaders, it is essential to create a trustworthy and transparent system that enables us to create, motivate and strengthen other people’s abilities. Together with customizing a coaching strategy, incorporating an A-Team creates winners effortlessly. When all the strategies and systems are put in place, winning becomes intentional and not accidental. Human beings are tailored in a way that we are constantly in survival mode instead of trying to find our purpose and the direction God wants us to take in order to fulfill that purpose set for us. But when we are in a constant state of stress and anxiety, we focus on the stressful situations and it blinds us from seeing our purpose and helping others find out theirs.

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