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Innovative Growth- Nehemiah Project Mexico

The Gift of Business

Innovative growth entails the production of more goods and services, resulting in higher wages and profits for businesses.

The Nehemiah Project International Ministries, which has centers around the world run by local business owners, is built on innovative growth. For a fee, these centers offer training, coaching, and access to capital programs. However, the fees charged by the centers are not affordable to all entrepreneurs. In this regard, the Nehemiah Project International Ministries has a scholarship fund that helps entrepreneurs who cannot afford the fees that are charged.

One of the entrepreneurs who benefited from the scholarship fund was Yamil Rosales, the center director of Nehemiah Project International Ministries Mexico. As a result, he was able to expand and hire people, who were in need of jobs, a true testimony to innovative growth.

Growth begins with ideas and progresses to plans and structures, all of which necessitate a significant amount of effort. Aside from that, growth entails motivating and inspiring the people who work for a company. When employees feel valued, they are more likely to work for the company’s benefit, which leads to increased growth.

The Nehemiah Community entrepreneurs have ensured that others benefit greatly from the innovative growth approach because it has enabled them to create jobs for those outside the community at a time when many people are losing their jobs.

Innovative growth is characterized by an increase in the impact and influence of a business on those around it, and in order for it to be fully realized, it must spread across the economy and benefit businesses of all sizes and sectors.

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