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Giving tuesday

Giving tuesday

As the Chief Servant Officer Patrice Tsague prepares to weight in on ‘Giving Tuesday’ and its implications here are extracts of this week’s devotional titled “Joy of Giving”:

“Giving should be something we do out of joy, not out of obligation. Giving should be a natural response of gratefulness and an expression of joy for who God is and what He has done for us. Unfortunately, many Kingdom business stewards give out of obligation, guilt, or to receive tax benefits rather than out of joy.”  How do you give with joy?

1. First give yourself to the Lord – You cannot give with joy if you have not first given yourself to the Lord. Giving is a response to a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord. God does not need what you have, it is all His anyway. He needs you.

2. Give to those people or things you love – “For God so love the world that He gave us His only begotten Son.” (John 3:16) Giving is a tangible demonstration of your love for someone or a cause.

3. Give even in trials – Giving is not something you do when things are going well but it is a lifestyle. The habit of giving is not developed in good times but in bad times.

4. Give to purpose, not to need – Need eradicates resources while purpose eradicates need. Giving is not what solves problems; rather it is purpose that solves problems. Your giving should target those people and organizations who are working to eradicate the need you are passionate about.

5. Give to good ground – Giving is an investment in eternity so you must ensure that the ground is good so that it can yield the maximum eternal returns (Mark 4:8). Make sure that the person or organization you are giving to will carry out the expected mission with proper accountability.

6. Give out of what you have – Never give that which has been obligated to other things such as rent, car payments, bills, etc… Other than tithes, which is an obligation, giving should always be out of discretionary money. If you want to increase your giving then either increase your income without increasing your obligated expenses or decrease your obligated expenses.

7. Give as unto the Lord – Giving is never to people or things but rather, it is to God. Although it is administered by people and organizations, you must focus on the ultimate receiver: God. No matter what the people or organization do with your gift, God will honor your heart. This ensures that your giving is unconditional.

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