E-Community Global Forum Debrief

E-Community Global Forum Debrief

Global e-community forum

E-community global forum. The E-Community Global Forum is open to everyone but the beauty is if you are a silver, gold, or diamond member, you get to attend it at no cost.

The theme was about taking dominance and being victorious in the things that you do and in the panel were amazing people from around the world who got to talk about their areas and even answer questions.

Mrs. Zamana Kinkela attended this forum and she is also the director of the e-community center in Congo. She says that this was an amazing experience and getting to share ideas with different people during focus group discussions and also listening to the panelists made it all worth it.

Mme. Kinkela also talked about the disruptions that the recent volcano has caused to the people of Goma and how she decided to help. She says that when the volcano first happened six years ago she felt that they should something and that is why she’s all out trying to raise funds to help those affected.

On some days especially during this pandemic, we might be tempted to give up but do not there is a reason why you are still holding on. This statement might be difficult for entrepreneurs but then, believe me, you will rise above all these because God is on your side.

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