Bulgaria Business Plan Competition

Bulgaria Business Plan Competition

Business Plan

Business Plan Competition. For transformation to be done, you have to transform everything from the mountain of finances and economics first. For Arman and Petya, the goal was to build biblical entrepreneurship that would impact the economy of Bulgaria and the nation as a whole. They add that this was important to them because as much as the economy of Bulgaria runs at the moment, it is outsourcing everything and they would love to change that. For them the people that work for them are not really employees, instead, they are more of people who are sharing the vision and are going to help them reach their business goals. Kaloyan, part of this Business plan competition, says that he’s grateful that each of them is connected through this Nehemiah Project and they feel that they are part of something bigger. He adds that it is the constant reminder and feeling that God is there throughout the whole course. Arman and Petya share that this is a huge milestone for them, but they owe it all to God for giving them grace all through. They say that they would love to see more people go through the program and in return give back to the community and Bulgaria as a whole.

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