US Business Plan Competition

US Business Plan Competition

Business plan competition

US Country Business Plan Competition is one that covers a great region in America and so far has done so well this year. Wendie Klem who is the North America regional director says that this whole thing has been God because it is him who has given her the grace to accomplish all these. She adds that, during this process, she’s been able to work with entrepreneurs who are in various stages of their businesses that are from discovery till they get to a place of succession and this gives her so much joy. Entrepreneurship is a continuous process and one thing that never grows old is that it is a continuous learning process plus you investing. It may look hard since risks are involved but then the beauty is you will win some and lose some and that is completely okay. Risks are part of the journey and they do bring so many lessons. Debrah says that it is okay to say no to opportunities if you feel that they don’t fit with what you intend to do. In the end, be proud that you fully understand your purpose and continue working on things that align with your purpose. For this class to have gotten to this point, the trainers have put in the work plus seeing people come together to learn how they can bring kingdom businesses is so fulfilling to watch and it feels encouraging. As you go about work whether you are working for someone or you have a business, give it your best and remember that your instructions come from God above hence the need to put in all the work.

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