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Cultivating Good Soil through entrepreneurship in Africa

The Gift of Business

Many people have a misconception that you have to go to college to get blue/white-collar jobs yet you can easilybe an entrepreneur. Being authentic in entrepreneurship is one of the most important things. It is always good to risk it out if you don’t have the perfect idea to execute.

A good entrepreneur will have a vision and most times, the family has a great impact on what you do. You can choose to start with something you can easily do which can become an anchor to your next level of becoming a better entrepreneur.

A good business strategy will always have all the factors catered for. When it comes to creating a good business strategy as a practice, you have to build yourself structurally well, this will include your marketing initiatives, the operationalization of your company, and your target audience. All you need is focusing two things, understanding your target audience and putting extra time into your work.

When it comes to entrepreneurship you need to always have a culture of trying to outmaneuver your competitors, which can be translated into being one step ahead. When a customer calls you, all they need is the value from your products, how you serve them, interact with them, and even how you reach out to them. A good business will encourage you to challenge yourself.

Challenge yourself in building better, being different, and accelerating more ROIs than any other player in the same sector you are in. There is always a culture of repeat needs when your customers believe in what you give them, whether it’s a service or a product.

Also, tied to yourself is the team that you want to grow with. A cohesive set of mindsets that want to achieve the same goal of business satisfaction as you are.

You can start from scratch! You don’t have to generate a lot of money so that your business can flourish that fast or even achieve the bigger goals within a short time, it will time, but it’s worth it.

Every good entrepreneur you see out there started their entrepreneurship journey from scratch, they learned what they have now along the way. You can also be a good one when you leverage the best keys to success. Innovation is so important in business, how you approach the market and how you execute your traction within your niche will make your account for the results you have. This can be replicated when you are doing a competitor analysis for your business.

When it comes to partnerships, sometimes the family might or might not be the right plug for you. However, having an open communication channel and understanding who you are from a business perspective can be one way of killing the shots that may arise as hindrances to business growth. The whole idea of cultivating a good soil for your entrepreneurship is massive, therefore it is important to always incorporate biblical values into your business. Try to infuse Godly presence into your vision and mission, and also the way you are hiring, bring on board a team that has the right alignment with the rest of you, this is work spiritual culture.

Putting your business in the presence of God will automatically make you innovative, and focused on what you do something that your competitors will become unwilling to do. This is the strongest ground you can stand on when you want to have a steady and bumper growth in the entrepreneurial journey.

Always stay focused on the things that you can control and the things that you can’t control let them go. At the same time, it’s good to make worthwhile adjustments that infuse some Godly presence in your entrepreneurial journey.

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