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2023 Northwest Center Graduation: The Nehemiah Training and Coaching Experience

Nehemiah Training and Coaching

Guiding entrepreneurs in developing a Christian perspective of business and finance, the Nehemiah Project is excited to host an upcoming graduation for those who completed the Nehemiah Training and Coaching program.

On the episode, Patrice Tsague is joined by Debra Schlaht and Wendie Klem to talk about the upcoming Northwest Center Graduation. As director of the Nehemiah Training and Coaching program, Debra gives an insightful look into the program and the experience that graduating entrepreneurs have had.

The resume includes:

  • Identity & Destiny- helps entrepreneurs identify God’s calling for their lives and position themselves to fulfill that destiny.
  • Nothing but a jar of oil- helps entrepreneurs learn to tap into their God-given resources, develop a business mindset and faith-based approach to entrepreneurship.
  • Passive income continuum- teaches entrepreneurs how to utilize passive income streams and other non-traditional means of generating revenue.
  • BE Course (Biblical Entrepreneurship)- our flagship course helping entrepreneurs build a biblical foundation for their business and equip them with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to develop and grow profitable businesses. This is a three-step course that involves understanding the biblical principles of biblical entrepreneurship, their practical implications and the planning of a Kingdom Business to honor God.

What Can You Expect When You Sign up for the Nehemiah Training and Coaching?

A Program That Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs

The program works with you and your unique situation, no matter the stage of business you are in. We don’t expect you to have any prior knowledge or experience, we will nurture and develop your understanding as we go along.

A Self-paced Program

We understand that as an entrepreneur you have a lot to manage and are often busy, so we have designed this program to be flexible. You can work through the training at your own pace, and even choose when you access certain elements of the program to suit you.

Practical Support in Applying Biblical Principles

The Nehemiah Training and Coaching Program offers more than just knowledge and understanding. We help you to apply the Biblical principles in a practical way, so you can make positive changes that will benefit your business immediately.

Develop a Plan

Crafting a plan for your business is essential to its success. We will help you develop an actionable plan that you can use to move forward and make your business more profitable and resilient.

Align Your Goals with God’s Plan for Your Life

Your success and abundance should be in line with God’s plan for your life. We will guide you through the process of aligning your goals and dreams with His perfect will. With Nehemiah Training and Coaching Program, you can find a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in your business pursuits.

You Won’t Do it Alone

We understand that running a business can be daunting, but with the right guidance and support you will find it easier to succeed. Our program provides personalized one-on-one coaching to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, overcome challenges, and create solutions for success.

The 2023 Northwest Center Graduation: What to Expect

Going through the Nehemiah Training and Coaching program is a big achievement that deserves to be celebrated. And here at Nehemiah, we do it differently.

First, we’ll have a Business Plan Competition where participants of the BE Course will compete as they showcase their business plans to a panel of judges. The winner gets to proceed to compete at the International Business Competition during Nehemiah Week.

Next, we’ll celebrate all graduates with a gala graduation ceremony where each graduate will receive a certificate for completing the courses.

So, join us for the upcoming 2023 Northwest Center Graduation on March 7th. Come and be inspired by their stories and get insights from their business and Kingdom impact strategies.

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