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2021 Chief Servant of the Year Awards

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The Chief Servant of the Year Award is an honorary award given to outstanding employees of the Nehemiah Project International Ministries.

Every year, the Nehemiah Project International Ministries has a Chief Servant of the Year award, which is an award that the staff gets to choose from their peers who among the team members exemplify the values of the organization the most based on their work output, and so there’s a rating that goes around the team and then people sort of identity who they want to select. The winner is then awarded $500.

For the year 2021, Poh Sim Saw and Christopher Ooi won the Chief Servant of the Year Awards and Poh Sim Saw who has won the Chief Servant of the Year four times for the five years she has been in the company begins by stating that one of the most important factors that determine the success of an organization, company, or just an individual, is having the ability to adapt to a culture. This does not just mean having awards but having different people on the team and having a good attitude towards them. This helps you interact easily with your colleagues who come from different cultures.

Christopher Ooi on the other hand says that everyone is different and embracing the difference is important to learn new things and be able to adapt accordingly helps one work diligently and that is how he got to become Chief Servant of the year.

Developing a positive attitude toward your work and good workplace culture with the help of God has a direct impact on your performance and has an impact on the employee morale around you. Workers with positive attitudes perform better than others. As a result, they are easily recognized for awards like the Chief Servant of the Year Awards

Always be a dynamic person, who can be relied on easily. Reliability is very important, in a workplace environment, no matter your position. This helps a lot since you know the job will get done and it will be executed in the best way possible. Striving to be different is an “A-Team” agenda for every year, therefore you should always be on the march towards this and maybe win the Chief Servant of the Year Award!

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