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Rethinking Insurance In Kenya-Africa

Insurance as a Resource.

Kenya’s insurance sector is ranked third in Africa with a penetration rate of 2.8%.

This means the insurance uptake remains low compared to other economies. Pauline Mwihia, CEO of Amro Insurance Brokers, an insurance company in Kenya says that this is largely contributed to Kenyans lacking sensitization and myths such as insurance belonging to a certain group of financially stable people.

This however is not true as insurance is affordable and anyone is fit to get it. There are different types of insurance suited for different purposes and it works by spreading the risk of a loss among many people which lowers the risk for all.

Rethinking insurance in Kenya, therefore, means educating Kenyans and Africa as a whole about insurance and showing the people the value of being insured. Some Christians may believe that being insured is going against God’s will but the Bible tells us to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Taking insurance is a wise thing to do as it ensures that should anything happen to you, those left behind are well taken care of.

Insurance brokers need to play a role in ensuring that people are well educated on insurance policies and how they affect them so that their expectations from benefits to what can be compensated and even what their responsibilities are as clients are clear from the beginning. This also helps debunk the myth that insurance is a scam which is not true as it depends on the insurance company.

To avoid being duped, one should conduct thorough research on the company from which they intend to obtain insurance. This entails first determining whether the company is registered or properly certified.

Remember, just because you have faith doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance.

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January 15th, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

Innovative Growth- Nehemiah Project Mexico

Innovative growth entails the production of more goods and services, resulting in higher wages and profits for businesses.

The Nehemiah Project International Ministries, which has E.community centers around the world run by local business owners, is built on innovative growth. For a fee, these centers offer training, coaching, and access to capital programs. However, the fees charged by the centers are not affordable to all entrepreneurs. In this regard, the Nehemiah Project International Ministries has a scholarship fund that helps entrepreneurs who cannot afford the fees that are charged.

One of the entrepreneurs who benefited from the scholarship fund was Yamil Rosales, the center director of Nehemiah Project International Ministries Mexico. As a result, he was able to expand and hire people, who were in need of jobs, a true testimony to innovative growth.

Growth begins with ideas and progresses to plans and structures, all of which necessitate a significant amount of effort. Aside from that, growth entails motivating and inspiring the people who work for a company. When employees feel valued, they are more likely to work for the company’s benefit, which leads to increased growth.

The Nehemiah Community entrepreneurs have ensured that others benefit greatly from the innovative growth approach because it has enabled them to create jobs for those outside the community at a time when many people are losing their jobs.

Innovative growth is characterized by an increase in the impact and influence of a business on those around it, and in order for it to be fully realized, it must spread across the economy and benefit businesses of all sizes and sectors.

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Dec 21st, 2021|E-Community Podcast|

Revitalizing Kingdom Business in Bulgaria

Revitalizing Kingdom Business in Bulgaria

The process of revitalizing Kingdom Business in Bulgaria began with a promise from Jesus, who came to restore what had been lost.

Arman and Petya Lalane, Directors of the Bulgarian E-Community Center, begin by stating that their mission is to develop leaders in all aspects of society, not just the church.

Every believer has a divine purpose and destiny, and every believer is called to make an impact in society within their sphere of influence. Because we are the living testimony of Christ, we are called as believers to influence society with who we are.

One of the areas we are called to influence is business. When we are equipped to carry the gospel into the business world as Christian entrepreneurs, we influence non-believers to salvation, resulting in the transformation of families and societies at large.

Many kingdom businesses have been shaken as a result of the challenges Bulgaria is facing, such as the pandemic, corruption, brain drain, and a lack of opportunities within the country, and it has taken a journey of faith to revitalize them.

To address the challenges, more Christians must build more kingdom businesses as Christian entrepreneurs. This will result in the retention of talent within the country as well as an increase in value ethics in accordance with best practices.

The Nehemiah Project has been assisting kingdom entrepreneurs by providing courses, trainings, and resources on how to be better stewards of their businesses and how to combine ministry and business to start or expand their businesses.

Revitalizing Kingdom Businesses may take a lot of time, courage, and faith, but it doesn’t matter if you have to go it alone in order to make that much needed impact. When you are in God’s will and in the right place, God can make you prosper regardless of where you are, and when you prosper, others will prosper through you.

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Dec 12th, 2021|E-Community Podcast|

Giving tuesday

Giving tuesday

As the Chief Servant Officer Patrice Tsague prepares to weight in on ‘Giving Tuesday’ and its implications here are extracts of this week’s devotional titled “Joy of Giving”:

“Giving should be something we do out of joy, not out of obligation. Giving should be a natural response of gratefulness and an expression of joy for who God is and what He has done for us. Unfortunately, many Kingdom business stewards give out of obligation, guilt, or to receive tax benefits rather than out of joy.”  How do you give with joy?

1. First give yourself to the Lord – You cannot give with joy if you have not first given yourself to the Lord. Giving is a response to a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord. God does not need what you have, it is all His anyway. He needs you.

2. Give to those people or things you love – “For God so love the world that He gave us His only begotten Son.” (John 3:16) Giving is a tangible demonstration of your love for someone or a cause.

3. Give even in trials – Giving is not something you do when things are going well but it is a lifestyle. The habit of giving is not developed in good times but in bad times.

4. Give to purpose, not to need – Need eradicates resources while purpose eradicates need. Giving is not what solves problems; rather it is purpose that solves problems. Your giving should target those people and organizations who are working to eradicate the need you are passionate about.

5. Give to good ground – Giving is an investment in eternity so you must ensure that the ground is good so that it can yield the maximum eternal returns (Mark 4:8). Make sure that the person or organization you are giving to will carry out the expected mission with proper accountability.

6. Give out of what you have – Never give that which has been obligated to other things such as rent, car payments, bills, etc… Other than tithes, which is an obligation, giving should always be out of discretionary money. If you want to increase your giving then either increase your income without increasing your obligated expenses or decrease your obligated expenses.

7. Give as unto the Lord – Giving is never to people or things but rather, it is to God. Although it is administered by people and organizations, you must focus on the ultimate receiver: God. No matter what the people or organization do with your gift, God will honor your heart. This ensures that your giving is unconditional.

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Dec 5th, 2021|E-Community Podcast|

The Clark County Prayer Breakfast| Part 1

The Clark County Prayer breakfast will feature “Our American Story” on Thursday November 4th 2021 between 7-9am Pacific.

“Our American Story” is about the stories of immigrants who came to the United States of America as a land of opportunities to reach the American Dream.

The Clark County Prayer breakfast was started twenty years ago to engage people as an honoring event for America’s civic leaders, first responders, wounded warriors and active military. Every year, this event features a special guest and an honored citizen who is part of the community and engages the community by serving and helping those who need help. In addition to the keynote speakers who are invited fir the Clark County Prayer breakfast, the event also focuses on its citizens.

Our guest, James Autry states that although the event is not purely evangelical, the Clark County Prayer breakfast opens and ends with prayer as a tradition. He continued to say that in the Bible, God told Jeremiah to pray for the Israelites before they went to battle in Babylon into captivity for seventy years. Prayer is a foundational part of everything.

As people gather for the prayer breakfast, they should purpose to pray for revival of the government, the constitution and the country as a whole. The Clark County prayer meeting will help mobilize people to become reformers who will facilitate the transformation of the city.

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November 8th, 2021|E-Community Podcast|

Using Paid Media to Accelerate Growth

Using paid media to accelerate growth can be used in digital marketing to make targeted, relevant and helpful advertising.

According to Kenjie Kirimi, Co-Founder of Bawa Connect, a company whose aim is to sterilize the digital environment by providing wholesome material, social media may be utilized as either a social or a business tool. It is a location where people spend a lot of time creating relationships and connecting as a social tool. This provides the commercial side of social media in that, due to the large amount of individuals that utilize social media, one can easily use the space to reach their target market. When using sponsored media, it is necessary to relocate where the attention is focused in order to have the desired impact.
People are offered free access to social media and social media technologies in exchange for their personal data. Digital marketers use this information to gather information and personalize advertisements to the interests of their social media consumers. This is what defines digital marketing as being both targeted and relevant.
In today’s world, digital marketing is preferred because it provides real-time data on who is visiting your social media pages, their age, location, and hobbies. Social media companies employ algorithms to provide up relevant material based on information gathered about what people consume on a personal level.
It is easy for digital marketers to develop these targeted ads because the social space provides all of the information needed to understand the audiences of various platforms in various industries. When you have all of this, creating social media plans is simple, even if you aren’t physically engaging with your customers.
Because most consumers are found online and it is simpler to communicate with each other and businesses as the digital era progresses, businesses must embrace social media in order to survive. An internet presence enables entrepreneurs to maximize their potential by utilizing either organic or paid reach.
Paid media may help businesses acquire the visibility and conversion they need to get the leads they need to grow. Employing paid media does not always imply spending to be able to advertise, but rather using other methods to help your business grow, such as Search Engine Optimization.
Remember, this is the consumer’s age, and the client lives on digital platforms.
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October 25th, 2021|E-Community Podcast|

Storytelling for Change

Storytelling for Change.

Storytelling is a powerful tool when it comes to building a reputable brand using a successful model to tell the business stories.

Mr. Yamil Rosales. Founder of Sound City Academy, says that spending more time on what we are good at helps us maximize our potential. He goes on to say that it is not always about the money but being a good steward in what we are called by God to do.

Most people associate digital marketing with social media, but it is actually a set of principles and tools that assist business owners develop relationships with their customers. The most effective tool is storytelling. Entrepreneurs may use storytelling to build relationships with potential customers and provide them a real-life experience.

Digital marketing is a technique for a firm to demonstrate what it has to offer in terms of solving market challenges. It assists entrepreneurs in transforming their businesses and although the market is swamped with marketing materials, choosing to conduct interactions with customers through storytelling to give value to what they desire makes a difference.

Knowing our purpose is the first step in any endeavor. And purpose is about accepting yourself as you are and attempting to improve yourself and make a difference where you are. In this situation, storytelling is being utilized to mold lives and persuade others to become better people. Entrepreneurs can use storytelling to communicate the impact their enterprises have on the market.

Even as we consider storytelling as a change agent in our businesses, we must first define our purpose and match it with our business objectives.

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October 18th, 2021|E-Community Podcast|

The Art and Science of Copywriting

The Art and Science of Copywriting can be defined as the process of producing convincing marketing and promotional materials that drive people to take some sort of action, such as making a purchase, clicking on a link, or giving to a cause.
Linda Parker cofounder of Glinda Creative, a virtual agency that specializes in branding strategies, graphic design, logos, advertising, copywriting, messaging, and website design says that copywriting is an art because writing is a gift that some individuals have and comprehend better than others. It’s also a science because it necessitates a great deal of trial and error, and it improves with practice.
Copywriting involves a lot of learning. Every day there are new writing methods and skills to be learned for one to keep perfecting themselves at this science. This is because every day there are numerous copies we come across, each with a different and unique style of writing that we may implement in our copywriting endeavors.
Copywriting is a great complement to digital marketing because it allows firms to engage with their customers on a more personal level. It enables marketing through the use of both technology and the internet. It uses traditional methods while also incorporating elements of the internet.
Many individuals confuse content writing and copywriting when they are two completely different things. Content writing can be found on blogs and emails, and while it may inspire readers and has substantive value to readers and prospective customers, it lacks a call to action for the reader to take action. Copywriting on the other hand is persuasive, has a call to action and is measurable.
Businesses have multiple client profiles. Clients come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This means that when it comes to copywriting, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” strategy. A copywriter must use an identity approach when writing. Understanding that your message will be received by a variety of people will help you write content that converts. Another essential to conversion is to use a “comforting” language. People will feel safer if they feel they can trust you as a copywriter.
Understanding the audience through social media analytics aids in the creation of a high-converting copy. It aids in the measurement and adjustment of content. It helps you save time and energy.
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October 12th, 2021|E-Community Podcast|

Making God #1 in Your Business

Making God number one in your business is a way for any Biblical Entrepreneur to praise God. It involves dedicating the people you employ and the clients you serve to God.

Making God #1 in Your Business author Maureen Kendall believes it sometimes takes a lot of hard times and lessons for entrepreneurs to realize they need to surrender their enterprises to God and make Him number one.

God shines through us in our weakest and lowest moments, letting us realize that He is in charge. When we call on Him, He assists us in focusing our vision and directing us in a new direction that will help us attain our objectives. He bestows our talents and abilities to us so that we can honor Him.

God helps us gain and achieve more without breaking a sweat when we put Him first in our businesses and stop stressing about the direction of the enterprises.

Making God the most important person in your life begins with a search for Him. All of these other things will be added when we seek God first. The calm and joy that comes with handing up your business to God are indescribable. This makes it easier for company owners to use their businesses to lead people to Jesus.

Always keep in mind that God made everything and that everything belongs to Him. Even your company. It was a demonstration of God’s strength when He granted you that business. Our sense of ownership over our company does not represent the divine nature that God has given us. As stewards, we should be deliberate in our business practices.

Maureen Kendall goes on to say that educating children that everything belongs to God instills intentionality and responsibility in them, as well as training them to prioritize God in everything they do. As kids get older, they will learn to be appreciative in this manner.

When we put God first in our enterprises, we recognize that we don’t have to shoulder all of the business’s burdens. When God takes charge, our tension, worry, and difficulties vanish.

Making God number one in your business assures you of a solid foundation.

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September 25th, 2021|E-Community Podcast|

I Am School Of Music launch in Kenya

I Am School Of Music launch in Kenya

The mission of the I Am School of Music is to redeem music and restore it to the purpose for which it was created by God.

Allison Wilkinson, CEO and Founder of I Am School of Music, believes that music was created to bring people together, to benefit us, and to praise God and this led her to start the I Am School of Music.

I Am School of Music is dedicated to ensuring that anyone who wants to learn how to make or perform music does so in a way that allows them to express themselves, connect with God, and glorify Him.

I Am School of Music is dedicated to ensuring that anyone who wants to learn how to make or perform music does so in a way that allows them to express themselves, connect with God, and glorify Him.

Looking back at the history of music, one had to be confined to certain attributes in order to be successful and this hindered the musical development of most people. However, breaking these hindrances and barriers will help us be confident enough to use our musical talents and abilities to worship God and connect with each other.

Using God’s gifts in the right way produces good things in us. When we create music the way God intended, we are transformed into fearless beings who are made to be at ease with who we are. When we develop our musical capabilities, we grow into persons with a wide range of abilities, allowing us to do whatever we desire with confidence.

The I Am School of Music was launched in Kenya to a strong response, with school administrators and music teachers providing encouraging feedback and responses throughout the session. Despite the fact that the road to launch was not without its difficulties, we are reminded to always submit our conflicts and worries to the Lord. We will be able to concentrate on the eventual aim in this manner.

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September 23rd, 2021|E-Community Podcast|

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