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Cultivating Good Soil through entrepreneurship in Africa

Cultivating Good Soil through entrepreneurship in Africa

Many people have a misconception that you have to go to college to get blue/white-collar jobs yet you can easilybe an entrepreneur. Being authentic in entrepreneurship is one of the most important things. It is always good to risk it out if you don’t have the perfect idea to execute.

A good entrepreneur will have a vision and most times, the family has a great impact on what you do. You can choose to start with something you can easily do which can become an anchor to your next level of becoming a better entrepreneur.

A good business strategy will always have all the factors catered for. When it comes to creating a good business strategy as a practice, you have to build yourself structurally well, this will include your marketing initiatives, the operationalization of your company, and your target audience. All you need is focusing two things, understanding your target audience and putting extra time into your work.

When it comes to entrepreneurship you need to always have a culture of trying to outmaneuver your competitors, which can be translated into being one step ahead. When a customer calls you, all they need is the value from your products, how you serve them, interact with them, and even how you reach out to them. A good business will encourage you to challenge yourself.

Challenge yourself in building better, being different, and accelerating more ROIs than any other player in the same sector you are in. There is always a culture of repeat needs when your customers believe in what you give them, whether it’s a service or a product.

Also, tied to yourself is the team that you want to grow with. A cohesive set of mindsets that want to achieve the same goal of business satisfaction as you are.

You can start from scratch! You don’t have to generate a lot of money so that your business can flourish that fast or even achieve the bigger goals within a short time, it will time, but it’s worth it.

Every good entrepreneur you see out there started their entrepreneurship journey from scratch, they learned what they have now along the way. You can also be a good one when you leverage the best keys to success. Innovation is so important in business, how you approach the market and how you execute your traction within your niche will make your account for the results you have. This can be replicated when you are doing a competitor analysis for your business.

When it comes to partnerships, sometimes the family might or might not be the right plug for you. However, having an open communication channel and understanding who you are from a business perspective can be one way of killing the shots that may arise as hindrances to business growth. The whole idea of cultivating a good soil for your entrepreneurship is massive, therefore it is important to always incorporate biblical values into your business. Try to infuse Godly presence into your vision and mission, and also the way you are hiring, bring on board a team that has the right alignment with the rest of you, this is work spiritual culture.

Putting your business in the presence of God will automatically make you innovative, and focused on what you do something that your competitors will become unwilling to do. This is the strongest ground you can stand on when you want to have a steady and bumper growth in the entrepreneurial journey.

Always stay focused on the things that you can control and the things that you can’t control let them go. At the same time, it’s good to make worthwhile adjustments that infuse some Godly presence in your entrepreneurial journey.

Good Soil Partners https://goodsoilpartners.org/

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May 23rd, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

Building a successful Kingdom Coaching Practice

The goal of establishing a kingdom coaching business is to help business owners set up systems that allow them to upscale their businesses and then prepare for succession and exit. This means providing them with the resources and support necessary for their business journey.

Building a successful kingdom coaching practice can be quite challenging. This is because in the beginning, most kingdom coaches go through a phase of uncertainty and self-doubt commonly known as the Imposter Syndrome where one may feel like they are not qualified enough to coach others. Herein lies the true meaning of working for the glory of God. No matter how inadequate we feel or how little qualified we are, God steps in and qualifies us.

David Robertson CEO and Founder of Growthpoint Coaching Co. says that his journey to building a successful coaching practice was filled with a lot of hurdles and failure until he realized that he had been running his businesses for the wrong purpose and it wasn’t until he started working for the glory of God that his coaching business grew to the success it is in now.

We know God works in mysterious ways and at some point in this journey to coaching success, David shut down his business for 18 months which meant his wife taking up financial responsibilities for all that time. It is here that David took his time to listen to God and he finally had a breakthrough!

Through it all, David says that he realized that in the midst of it all, it was not his business, his position as a coach or results that gave him significance but Christ did. And this opened up many doors for him and eventually got featured on Forbes as the number one on the article for an expert panel on business builders. After a few months the President of Forbes councils offered him and his company a coaching job which forced him and his family to move to Dallas in the middle of a pandemic where he has seen great success.

In conclusion, if you desire to have that successful coaching business, let God always be the source of provision. Allow yourself to be led by a King(Jesus) and success will be yours.

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March 15th, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

Living in Purpose

Living in Purpose means aligning your values and beliefs with what truly matters to you.

On this podcast, Chief Servant Officer Patrice Tsague talks to Mr. Yannik Mckie, founder and center director of Living in Purpose.

Mr. Yannik Mckie, an expert on purpose and mental toughness says that mental toughness is the ability to be able to leverage pain for the benefit of purpose. Losing both his parents before turning 16 years old, Yannik got first-hand experience in learning how to turn obstacles into stepping stone.

As a young man, Yannik was struggling to cope with the effects of his father’s extramarital affair. Trying to understand why God allowed him to go through such pain, he had difficulties trying to navigate his manhood and purpose.

It was only much later that he understood that within all of that aggravation was reason and purpose. At times we need to get to the reason and the thriving, attempting to avoid difficulties. He continues to sy that he understood that more often than not, it’s really inside that torment that we will track down our most noteworthy degree of direction.

As a mental toughness coach, Yannik helps executives and entrepreneurs around the make better decisions in the midst of their challenges so that they can maximize their peace, productivity, and passion for life.

On that journey to find your purpose it is important to not lose your hope. Remember that God loves you and that your pain, whatever it is, can be leveraged for purpose. Let someone know you’re struggling. Ask for help. Keep your hope alive. Do not suffer in silence. You are not alone.

Young Biblical Entrepreneur: https://nehemiahecommunity.com/young-…

Living in Purpose: https://livinginpurpose.org/

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March 7th, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

Finish-A Personal Journey in Philanthropy

Finish-A Personal Journey in Philanthropy

This is the personal account of Steve Moore’s journey in philanthropy that began at the Murdock Charitable Trust.

The M.J  Murdock Charitable Trust was established 47 years ago with an aim to build partnerships for a common benefit. They foster the growth of Pacific Northwest NGOs and their target areas of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington through grantmaking, enrichment programs, convenient regional strength, education, social, spiritual, and culture-based initiatives that are innovative and sustainable. Over 3000 organizations in the region have benefited from the trust so far.

Steve Moore, Executive Director of the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, has been with the organization for 16 years and says that over the years, the trust has worked to assist organizations in seeking to better accomplish their goal and building their own capacity to do so.

Steve Moore began his journey in the education sector, which is not recognized for its flexibility and innovation, and asserts that his own experience with education has made him an inventive instructor. Because the Murdock Trust’s principles fit with his, he says he saw the opportunity because of the significant influence at a critical point in people’s lives to mold, form, and guide them, which encouraged him to join the organization.

Murdock Trust assists businesses with grant writing, and a comprehensive resource sheet titled “Writing Great Grants” is available on the website. It simply tells you that this is what foundations look for when they get a grant application.

The trust has helped many firms raise a lot of money over the years, and it all starts with good stewardship, and stewardship and generosity go hand in hand. You can be more giving if you’re a good steward. These are some of the twin concepts that the corporation operates on while making investments, and they strive to discover long-term profits rather than immediate gains.

Steve adds that the Murdock Trust strives to be a good charitable steward as a firm. Being charitable entails being able to disperse resources through good donations. In this philanthropic journey, he claims that there is a philanthropic ecosystem in which foundations give while others receive.

He admits that his move to philanthropy was seamless since he had mentors who walked alongside him. Steve Moore states that as he nears the end of his philanthropic journey, he will spend his next season supporting, increasing, and assisting individuals as they want to be charitable and contribute where appropriate.

We,The Nehemiah Project wish Steve Moore all the best as he finishes his journey in philanthropy.

Matthew 5:14 – “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.”

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February 28th, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

Victorious You Press

Victorious You Press began with a purpose. A purpose to help people deliver their stories.

Joan T. Randall the founder of Victorious You Press says that the publishing company helps faith based leaders and spiritual thought leaders write and publish their best-selling book so they monetize their impact build a business and create legacies.

Joan has recently partnered with the Nehemiah Project to minister a new course for writers called The Power of the Pen. At the moment, Joan is working with Chief Servant of the Nehemiah Project, Patrice Tsague on a book that he had previously published in 2009. This as we might call it is the true test of what can be expected of Victorious You Press as a new partner.

The book, Nothing But a Jar of Oil was previously published but together Victorious You Press and Patrice are working on a second edition to make it a best seller. According to Joan, the process of republishing a book starts with looking at previous reviews and carefully mapping out what can be done differently.

As an Author and Founder of Victorious You Press, Joan brings a fresh and innate enthusiastic outlook on writing and publishing that is contagious as she understands the power and impact of the pen as she coaches people to learn how to use their own words to create change. Over the years Joan has helped over 400 people publish their books.

Victorious You Press is driven by five core values that can be emulated. That is : “It is live. It is learn. It is love. It is lead. It is legacy.”

This means living each day in accordance to how God wants us to live, with impact. Learning because we’re always students of our business. Loving because we build relationships with our clients. Leading because we give our clients skills and lastly is leading a legacy because everything that God has placed inside of us it is not just for us it is to impact those we come in contact with because of the great commission.

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February 13th, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

Emerging as a Kingdom Business Leader.

When emerging as a Kingdom business leader we often think that we are not good enough to realize the potential God has placed in us.

It is sometimes difficult for us to realize that we have the capability to become a Kingdom business leader. Due to society’s limiting belief systems, we tend to compare ourselves with others rather than focus on our inner strengths. In order for us to fulfil our God-given purpose, we must understand our true identity and destiny.

Therefore, to emerge as a Kingdom business leader we need to step out of our comfort zones wisely and genuinely seek to be ourselves. It involves walking with God as you unlearn the false or wrong belief systems that have been ingrained by your environment or circumstances.

Your unique experiences in life will enable you to identify your gifts and talents as you walk with God through this process. These insights will guide you to serve others and to honour God as an emerging Kingdom business leader.

It does not matter what background one has in order to be a Kingdom business leader. It is often those circumstances, situations, challenges and failures that we overcome that become our gift to the world in the form of valuable lessons.

Emerging as a Kingdom business leader requires courage as it calls one to be transparent and honest throughout the process. This may involve wearing the lessons you have gained from your mistakes on your sleeves consistently. Therefore, it is not for the faint-hearted and it requires a thick skin to be a Kingdom business leader.

However, the Word of God gives us encouragement throughout the journey of emerging as a Kingdom business leader. God is faithful to fulfil His Word and we can lean on His Holy Spirit to guide and empower us through all the stages required for one to emerge as a Kingdom business leader.

There is always a wilderness experience in the journey of life and business, as every emerging business leader can attest to. The process of being formed, moulded, and shaped is scary and demanding, but we also discover our core values, which line up with God’s purpose for our lives and businesses.

Therefore, it is important to stay connected to a community throughout the process of emerging as a Kingdom business leader. The encouragement and support one gets from like-minded individuals is paramount to one’s success in business or life for that matter.

When we understand who we are and what we are meant for, we can apply our gifts and talents to serve God more effectively. Our God is a God of excellence. Life is full of challenges, especially for entrepreneurs. We are therefore encouraged to stay the course as Kingdom business leaders as demonstrated in 2 Timothy 1:7 – walk in Love in God’s strength.

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February 1st, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

2021 Chief Servant of the Year Awards

The Chief Servant of the Year Award is an honorary award given to outstanding employees of the Nehemiah Project International Ministries.

Every year, the Nehemiah Project International Ministries has a Chief Servant of the Year award, which is an award that the staff gets to choose from their peers who among the team members exemplify the values of the organization the most based on their work output, and so there’s a rating that goes around the team and then people sort of identity who they want to select. The winner is then awarded $500.

For the year 2021, Poh Sim Saw and Christopher Ooi won the Chief Servant of the Year Awards and Poh Sim Saw who has won the Chief Servant of the Year four times for the five years she has been in the company begins by stating that one of the most important factors that determine the success of an organization, company, or just an individual, is having the ability to adapt to a culture. This does not just mean having awards but having different people on the team and having a good attitude towards them. This helps you interact easily with your colleagues who come from different cultures.

Christopher Ooi on the other hand says that everyone is different and embracing the difference is important to learn new things and be able to adapt accordingly helps one work diligently and that is how he got to become Chief Servant of the year.

Developing a positive attitude toward your work and good workplace culture with the help of God has a direct impact on your performance and has an impact on the employee morale around you. Workers with positive attitudes perform better than others. As a result, they are easily recognized for awards like the Chief Servant of the Year Awards

Always be a dynamic person, who can be relied on easily. Reliability is very important, in a workplace environment, no matter your position. This helps a lot since you know the job will get done and it will be executed in the best way possible. Striving to be different is an “A-Team” agenda for every year, therefore you should always be on the march towards this and maybe win the Chief Servant of the Year Award!

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January 23rd, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

Christian Employers Alliance

Christian Employers Alliance works to ensure that the Christian conservative organizational movement reflects the diversity of Christ’s body in this kingdom.

After coming across a roadblock that required both faith-based and non-faith-based organizations to pay for abortion and abortion-inducing drugs, Christian employers banded together to form the Christian Employers Alliance to act as a voice for Christian employers.

When it comes to values and policy, Christian Employers Alliance is the voice of those Christian and biblical values in the policy space and the legal arena.

The Christian Employers Alliance also serves as a means of protection for Christian employers in a world where opposing the dominant ethos is fraught with hostility. In today’s society, Christians are frequently reviled for upholding biblical principles. They are not understood, so Christian Employers Alliance stands in that legal space and protects the rights of its members, allowing them to remain anonymous and protected from harsh judgment.

The Christian Employers Alliance adds value to employers seeking to reflect God in their businesses not only as a legal organization but also by providing practical tools to help them feel more confident. This is accomplished by bringing together Christian employers to protect religious freedom while also providing opportunities for employees, businesses, and communities to thrive.

Shannon Royce, Chief Executive Officer of the Christian Employers Alliance, claims that even while representing the needs of the Christian workforce, the Christian Employers Alliance represents Christians fairly without looking down on the needs and beliefs of other religions.

One of the things that this company does, depending on the size of the company, is that they have a health plan that serves the larger members, but they are working on creating health plans for members with 50 to 100 employees and even those with fewer employees to better serve them.

Having said that, the Nehemiah Project International Ministries is partnering with Christian Employers Alliance for a Religious Freedom Forum for Christian employees to educate its members on how to preserve and protect their religious freedom, as well as techniques to avoid falling into legal trappings.

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January 23rd, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

At Work as in Heaven

At work as in Heaven: One CEO’s journey to make Sunday matter to Tuesday, a book by Scott Ryser is based on what Scott has seen God do in His business rather than theory, revelation, or study.

While at work, Scott has largely focused on the challenges of living out his faith every day and . In the process of starting his company, Scott named it Yakabod, which means “God’s glory,” posing the question, “Is it even possible for a business to give God glory?”

Most entrepreneurs struggle to strike a balance between work and God, which is where At Work as in Heaven comes in to assist and support them. It is an engrossing story about Scott’s decades-long quest to discover this particular thing, and what he learned through the ups and downs, feast and victory, twist and turn, could very well change your company and your Tuesday as well.

This book contains a practical guide to assist Christian business leaders who are attempting to live out their faith at work, a paradigm shifting approach to Christian marketplace ministry, and a transparent story driven business wisdom that benefits those of our faith perspective.

According to Scott Ryser, building or sustaining a business in God’s ways begins with an intentionality to resolve and shift accordingly. This entails shifting from doing things with God to doing things for God.

Every entrepreneur’s journey should make Sunday matter on Tuesday, just as it does in heaven. Normally, we hear about Sunday on Monday, but what difference does it make on Tuesday? We all know that Tuesday is just another ordinary day, but we must still have faith in our work. It is not just doing church stuff in the office, but also working in a way that glorifies God and being able to partner with Him in everything you do, that we as Christians isolate ourselves.

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January 22nd, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

Rethinking Insurance In Kenya-Africa

Insurance as a Resource.

Kenya’s insurance sector is ranked third in Africa with a penetration rate of 2.8%.

This means the insurance uptake remains low compared to other economies. Pauline Mwihia, CEO of Amro Insurance Brokers, an insurance company in Kenya says that this is largely contributed to Kenyans lacking sensitization and myths such as insurance belonging to a certain group of financially stable people.

This however is not true as insurance is affordable and anyone is fit to get it. There are different types of insurance suited for different purposes and it works by spreading the risk of a loss among many people which lowers the risk for all.

Rethinking insurance in Kenya, therefore, means educating Kenyans and Africa as a whole about insurance and showing the people the value of being insured. Some Christians may believe that being insured is going against God’s will but the Bible tells us to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Taking insurance is a wise thing to do as it ensures that should anything happen to you, those left behind are well taken care of.

Insurance brokers need to play a role in ensuring that people are well educated on insurance policies and how they affect them so that their expectations from benefits to what can be compensated and even what their responsibilities are as clients are clear from the beginning. This also helps debunk the myth that insurance is a scam which is not true as it depends on the insurance company.

To avoid being duped, one should conduct thorough research on the company from which they intend to obtain insurance. This entails first determining whether the company is registered or properly certified.

Remember, just because you have faith doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance.

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January 15th, 2022|E-Community Podcast|

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