Stewardship is an issue that is still foreign to many, but once applied to every day living, can change your entire outlook on life. We as a nation have become selfish and spend more than we make or can afford, and we have forgotten the words of Jesus, “store up for yourselves treasures in heaven” (Mat 6:20), and have settled for financing our own little kingdom.

The Biblical Stewardship Seminar Series help instruct Christians on how to break away from their worldly training on finances, and see it from God’s perspective. In essence, this course helps Christians incorporate stewardship as a lifestyle, from cradle to grave and beyond.

Biblical Stewardship Series was founded in 2004 by Art Ally for the sole purpose of equipping Christians with a Biblical Stewardship mentality. Art asks the question: “When you get down to the heart of the matter, who truly owns everything in your life? If your answer is God, do you truly believe that?” Through a partnership with the Ally’s, the Biblical Stewardship Series is now one of several resources Nehemiah Project offers to Kingdom entrepreneurs.

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