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Making Your Marriage the Marriage of Your Dreams

Tawnya and Scott Landis have been a part of Nehemiah Project for many years. Lately, they have felt a strong leading to start an initiative called Marriage Architects. They will be featured at our Christmas Open House at the Nehemiah Project office (5200 Meadows Rd., 2nd Floor, Lake Oswego) on December 14th and will be both live (4:00PM to 7:00PM) and on Facebook Live Stream at about 5:30PM Pacific Time that evening.

Here, Scott tells us a little about what is on their minds and hearts.

the problem

Marriage is one of the greatest gifts God gave us. Why did He create marriage for us? There are probably many answers to that question. The one we believe has been placed on our hearts as a calling is, “for the ultimate in human fulfillment, experience, and calling.” However, we know most of the world is not seeing the evidence of this statement. Whether a Christian marriage or secular marriage, the vast majority of the messaging we hear in the western world is that married individuals are NOT fulfilled, NOT passionate, NOT exhilarated, NOT happy, and NOT thriving. The messaging we do hear is, they are depressed, tired, frustrated, barely hanging on, lacking in fulfillment, connection, and intimacy. Unfortunately, the state of marriage is not good. The enemy has done a very effective work against God’s design of marriage.


Of course, something is missing. But what? We believe the answer lies within why God created marriage in the first place. In all the chaos, crazy ideas, and belief systems the world has offered, our society has been distracted and lost sight of God’s perfect plan for marriage.

As stated previously, we think marriage was created for the ultimate in human fulfillment, experience, and calling. This is really great news that the world needs to hear! We have a big vision to reverse the trend of the devaluation of marriage. Within two generations, together we can show the world just how valuable marriage is to human fulfillment. I mean, think about it. Marriage has the capacity to check all the boxes: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual fulfillment.

Ultimately, ultimate fulfillment is found in contribution and supporting growth of someone outside yourself. At Marriage Architects, we show couples how to do this With their spouse. And when you have two individuals who experience freedom, contribution, and growth while simultaneously nurturing their spouse’s identity, we call that a DREAM MARRIAGE.

Marriage Architects is about teaching Christians and non-Christians alike on how to get free to love and live the way God originally intended. We believe there’s no better place this side of heaven to do that, than in a marriage. We walk couples through “the path to intimacy and fulfillment” which is 5 concepts:

  •      Own Your Mindset
  •      Gain Understanding
  •      Unconditional Acceptance
  •      Create Attraction
  •      Ignite Passion

We hope you will join us in promoting this idea, this vision to help every couple design and build their Dream Marriage, to live out true fulfillment.

If you are in the Portland area, join us for our Christmas Open House featuring Scott and Tawnya on Thursday, December 14th anytime between 4 to 7PM. If you can, click HERE to let us know you are coming.

– posted by Randall Sanford

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