Double your Gift this Saturday

Double your Gift this Saturday

This week has been an amazing week as we are holding our first historic all-digital, interactive Nehemiah Week conference including virtual tours, teaching, breakouts, Investors Forum, International Business Plan Competition, and online engagement on virtual forums with entrepreneurs and leaders from 12 countries from around the world in 4 languages.

In the next several weeks, the Murdock Charitable Trust Board is getting together to make a decision to grant us a $238K Technology Grant to help us strengthen our current technology infrastructure and deploy the Nehemiah E-Community platform in three other languages: Spanish, French, and Mandarin (Chinese). Although nothing is guaranteed, we believe that due to the strong case we made and prayers, we will be awarded the grant.

We need your help!

The grant requires us to have a match of $242K. Help us qualify for this grant by making a one-time or monthly gift of any amount. Every dollar you give will be doubled through the grant. Your gift will also help us to continue to build our technology infrastructure which will position us to accelerate and more efficiently continue to build Kingdom businesses globally. Click the button below to help us with a match now.

Make your gift today or join us this Saturday, August 15 2020 at ours State of the Ministry event at 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Eastern time to hear a great message from venture capitalists and philanthropist, Jeff Grubs. On Saturday, you will also learn about the impact that we are making around the globe and get an opportunity to help us with the match.

Click on the button below to register for the event. Remember to select the “Single Day Selection” option and select Day 6: FREE BONUS EVENT – State of the Ministry on the registration form.

Why is this grant necessary to our mission?

Since our founding in Washington D.C. 25 years ago, we had a global vision. Because we were under capitalized, technology became a key part of our strategy to enable us to efficiently and effectively serve entrepreneurs globally. We used technology as the most cost-effective way to build a virtual administrative and operational infrastructure to support our staff and volunteers around the world.

This strategy to use technology to accomplish our mission was accelerated in the last five years as we sought to build the Nehemiah Entrepreneurship Community as a membership community that serves as the engine for providing training, coaching, and access to capital to entrepreneurs.

We had no idea that a pandemic like Covid-19 would make online delivery of services such a necessity. Thank God we were prepared!

How did our current technology platform prepare us for the worst global pandemic in history?

Our commitment to technology enabled us to have our most impactful and profitable mid-year in history during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our services did not stop but rather were accelerated and leveraged to serve struggling entrepreneurs around the world. In addition, our services were extended to our partners around the globe to serve their entrepreneurs and business owners.

As I write this letter, we are holding our annual Nehemiah Week global conference and because of the pandemic, this year’s conference is 100% digital. We are tapping into various dimensions of e-learning using the Zoom technology, including simultaneous translation with attendees and speakers from the five regions of the world where we serve: North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. We also leveraged our E-Community membership platform.

The feedback we have received so far indicates that this is one of the best conferences we have had to date. We worked hard to create the type of quality content, engagement, community, and interaction that attendees experience during our live conference. Nothing can ever replace live meetings but this came close to it, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and a dynamic team.

What will the grant do?

The grant will enable us to strengthen our current online platform and deploy a version in French, Spanish, and Mandarin. The online platform will allow entrepreneurs and our partners from around the world access to the same level of service and support in their own language. It will also accelerate our vision to become sustainable beyond donation. We currently generate 40% of our income through earned revenue and our long-term goal is to have our fixed cost 100% supported by our earned revenue.

Click the button below to help us with the match now.

Thank you for your support,
Patrice Tsague
Chief Servant Officer, Nehemiah Project International Ministries

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