Charitable Investors Update: We've Come this Far by Faith

June 2020 Charitable Investors Update: We’ve Come this Far by Faith

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We all agree that the last two weeks have been difficult and full of confusion for many as the nation erupted into social unrest during a pandemic. We first want to thank you because of your continued support of this ministry, we’ve not only been able to survive the pandemic but we’ve been proactively serving entrepreneurs around the globe. From providing 50% discounts for them to access our training programs to scholarships for those who could not afford our program, hosted various Business Forums on how to address the Pandemic, to financing for entrepreneurs needing capital at this time. We’ve also made sure our partners, trainers, and coaches have access to the technology to continue to provide services virtually amid quarantine. All this because of your generosity and your prayers. Some of you have sent unsolicited gifts, and others have responded to our requests for additional support. But I know you all have been praying, and for that we are grateful.

The recent situation with the George Floyd incident, unfortunately, does not reflect the progress that we’ve made in America and many are attempting to use it to fuel the racial divide. But we know better. Yes, we do have issues that still must be addressed in this country, and we must address them boldly. But no one could argue that America has not made progress. We at Nehemiah have chosen to focus on creating a platform for greater dialogue and unity, increase understanding of the issues, and provide proactive solutions that help build towards a better future. We’ve done that in part because we believe that Nehemiah is a good reflection of the progress of America. As an organization that was founded in the African-American community, African-Americans, served only African-Americans for 10 years and was able to grow to serve all Americans of all races. We’ve also been able to build a diverse staff, a board of directors, and a network of partners. We reflect on America’s progress.

So while there’s more to be done, we must celebrate how far we’ve come. One good thing that’s come out of this whole situation is the number of individuals from all races who have expressed their concern and their sense of urgency about ensuring that our nation reflects our values of freedom, justice, and faith. I encourage you to visit our Blogs and our podcast to learn more about what we’ve been working on towards this end and hear the various perspectives from our guests about this issue. We are committed to doing four things to be apart of the solution:

  1. Continue interviewing diverse guests on our podcast to discuss various perspectives on race and justice.
  2. Publish the devotional series, “Journey to Freedom”. A framework for a redemptive dialogue on race and justice.
  3. Expand our efforts in serving urban entrepreneurs by launching the urban impact vision to start and enhance kingdom businesses that create jobs in urban communities.
  4. Partner with other urban leaders to provide entrepreneurship education and economic development in as many urban communities as possible.

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